Bee News! We have some good and some not so good news in regards to the Goodies bees. We have been in the hive this afternoon just to see how they were going. Other than them being more than a little annoyed at invasion – the good news is they look healthy and happy. The not so good news is as we already knew honey production was down and it has been looking increasingly that there would be no surplus for us to harvest. This afternoon, we removed the top box, leaving the brood box and the bees food box. This means they will concentrate on filling their space with food for the winter and make the hive easier for them to manage and maintain. Our actions mean that there will be no honey from the Goodies this year😞. However, considering the tough year the bees are having this year, we are taking heart that we still have a living hive. 🐝🐝🐝😊 Many have not been so fortunate.

Our Honey is made by the bees in our back yard.  The hive is a static hive and so is not moved to gain a certain flavour. This reduces the stress on the bees and produces a multi-floral honey. Researchers found that eating local honey is ideal for hay fever sufferers as the honey produced contains pollen from the local plants which in turn can ease hay fever symptoms.  This golden treat is available in 2 sizes:

500 ml / 800 gram  jar for $14.00

250 ml / ~300 gram jar for $7.00