Chopping Boards and Wood

Chopping Boards

These come in three sizes and 2 types of wood: Acacia and Ash.


Small chopping boards can come with a single handle, double handles or feet.

Measurement: 30cm x 20cm

Price: $30.00




Medium chopping boards all come with feet on the bottom

Measurements: 45cm x 30cm

Price: $60.00




Large chopping boards all come with feet on the bottom, but are not etched with the company logo.

Measurements: 60cm x 40cm

Price: $75.00







Coasters are all hand made from locally sourced fallen trees. They are $5.00 each or a pack of four for $18.00



Candle Holders

All candle holders are hand made from locally sourced fallen trees. All candles are included.

Single tea-lights holders: $6.00

Double tea-light holders $10.00

Narrow candle stand: $20.00

Large candle holder: $25.00




Business Card Holders

Try out our new business card holders, for your office or workplace, they’re trendy and classy.

At just $10, it’s a great price to display your business cards!


Incense Burners

Try out our new incense burners to help you relax. For just $15 you get a starter pack with 4 incense burning sticks